Do you remember the child Ahmed El-Sisi, the star of “The Voice”? .. You won’t believe how he looks today!


After years of absence, Ahmed El-Sisi, the star of the “the voice kids” program, who managed to catch the audience’s attention with his wonderful voice, surprised everyone in his latest appearance.

And the pioneers of social media circulated, in the past few days, pictures of the child Ahmed El-Sisi, after many years of the program.

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Sisi posted photos and videos of him through his official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, while he was singing.

And the pioneers of the social media noticed that the features of the child Ahmed Al-Sisi changed a lot after he became a young man, as he caught the eye.

Mirna Hannas videos exceeded millions of views on YouTube, and she became famous for her wonderful strong voice at her young age.

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Do you remember the star of The Voice Kids (Ahmed El-Sisi)?? Watch how he appeared today and kidnapped the hearts of girls with his strong handsome!! (a witness)
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