Do you remember the child “Yazid”, the hero of the movie “Nightingale Dokki” by Mohamed Henedy? .. Watch how he became a handsome young man in his latest appearance


feet artist Mohamed Henedy, during the programHenedy show“, Child Alaa Amr Who presented the character “Yazid” bin “Fawaz” in the movie “Nightingale DokkiAnd he participated in the singing of “Who is Habib Baba?”

“Henedy” was surprised by Yazid’s entry into the theater, as it was a surprise from the preparation team for him, at the end of the episode in which “Henedy” hosted the writer. Ayman Bahgat Qamar, Kuwaiti artist Daoud Hussein, and artist Alaa Morsi, to talk about the memories of the movie “”Nightingale Dokki”.

It is noteworthy that Alaa Amr, is an Egyptian actor, born on November 6, 1998, his first artistic participation as a child was in the movie “”Nightingale DokkiIn 2007, he played the role of the child “Yazid”. He also participated in the series “Valentino” in 2020, and presented the character of “Moataz”.

Child Alaa Amr with the artist Mohamed Henedy – from a movie Nightingale Dokki 2007 production

And”Nightingale DokkiA movie that revolves around “Fawzi,” a struggling young man who wants to become a famous singer, but his bad luck stands in front of him, especially since his voice is not suitable for singing. He decides to travel to Dubai to meet him, and asks for his help in realizing his dream, but he refuses to admit it, and events follow after that, and the work is directed by Wael Ihsan, and written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar2007 production.

Ayman Bahgat Qamar: I met many models of Nightingale Dokki

In a related context, Henedy suggested to the writer Ayman Bahgat Qamar Writing a second part of their famous movie.Nightingale DokkiHe tells about the change of life of “Fawzi” in the Gulf, which “Qamar” has already agreed to, and said that he will think about it.

Qamar said: I met a model Nightingale Dokki More than once before, including a boy who insisted on singing in front of me to discover him, and his voice was a monster and he sang if it wasn’t for Muhammad Mohi’s blame, but Nightingale Dokki As for the current voices, Khaled Al-Zikr will be the singer, and I participated in writing the movie “Wash Ecrim” for free, in order to write the next movie.

Henedy said: I was making a movie, What is Crime, and we wanted to make songs in the movie, at that time we showed it to Ayman Bahgat Qamar He adds the particles, and if he succeeds, we will let him write the next movie, and his work in the movie is Evihat Pasha Pasha, and give me the injection quickly. Please, I need the dose. Nightingale Dokki.

The scriptwriter said Ayman Bahgat Qamar : I composed a song for you and the one who asked you to divorce, but I used the name of one of my friends, and I took on the character of Hassan Donia in the melodies of Helmy Abdel Baqi’s songs.

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