Do you remember the jewels of the impostor in the series “Al-Hajj Metwally” .. Watch what she looked like after entering the insane hospital


Actress Amal Ibrahim presented roles that are well-established in memory, no matter how much time has passed, even if they were not starring roles, and despite her dedication to art, the artistic community did not remember her now, but her audience did not forget her.

She started her artistic life from a young age with several small roles in some television nights, plays and series, and in 1973 she participated in the comedy film “The School of the Rioters”, as well as her role in the movie “Badour” to be the beginning of her real launch.

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I worked in art for 40 years, in which I presented 243 works of art, represented with great stars such as Farid Shawqi, Adel Imam, Nour Sharif, Yahya Al-Fakhrani, Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed Sobhi.

She presented unforgettable characters in the works in which she participated, even though she was not the heroine, so we remember her the character “Nabqa” in the series “Zizinia” and the jewels of the impostor in “The Family of Hajj Metwally” and Haniyeh in “The Disobedience” and also her role in “Raya and Sakina”, and she also participated in the series “Scrooge”. And I, “Wanis’ Diaries”, “Abbas Al-Abyad in the Black Day”.

As well as the character of the maid, as in the movie “The Girls Want What”, the girl of the night in the movie “Darb Al Hawa” and the traitorous wife in the movie “The Train”, and perhaps one of the most important roles played by the artist Amal Ibrahim is her role in the movie “Kit Kat”, and she also presented other works in the cinema. Theater and television, most notably “Indian Film”, “Mothers in Exile”, “Wife Struggle”, “Excuse me, law”, “Peace, my friend”.

Among her works in the 2000s was the movie “The Princess” with Ola Ghanem, and she was the last to present the series “Qamar” with the star Fifi Abdo.

The artist, Amal Ibrahim, was recently a guest of the artist, Esaad Younes, on her program “Her Excellency” after a long absence from the spotlight.

The great artist has been absent for about 8 years from the artwork, and revealed during her meeting that she is happy to host her in the program, and she also talked about her journey with the art world.

During the meeting, the great artist revealed that she had to enter a mental hospital because of her role in the movie “Days of Rage”, and inside the hospital, a patient tried to beat her.

She also revealed that she had done a wrong diet that caused her to lose weight dramatically, and that she had been fasting throughout the year, which affected her

She said that her son is in Saudi Arabia, and every year he sends an invitation to her to perform Hajj and Umrah.

The last artistic appearance of the artist Amal Ibrahim was the movie “The Princess”, which was shown in 2013, starring Ola Ghanem.

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