Doctors explain the effect of corona on the weakness of the heart muscle


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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann revealed today, Friday, that Canadian defender Alfonso Davies will stop participating in the team’s training for the time being, due to his suffering from a mild infection of the heart.

Nagelsmann said, in statements to reporters, yesterday, that during the follow-up examinations that are conducted for the players, it was discovered that the Canadian defender had been infected with Covid-19, and then there were indications of a mild inflammation of the heart muscle.

In a related context, the Gabonese Football Association revealed the reason for the absence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Axel Mei and Mario Lemina, who have returned from infection with the Corona virus, from facing their country’s team against Ghana in the second round of the group stage of the African Nations Cup.

The Gabonese Football Association stated that the tests showed problems in the heart tissue, and therefore “Kaf” does not want to take any risks regarding the players’ participation.

In the following report, “Yallacora” explains the effects of the Corona virus on heart health, and the reason behind the weakening of the virus for the heart muscle.

How does the corona virus affect heart health?

Dr. Sherif Abdel Hadi, Professor of Cardiac Surgery, and former Dean of the Heart Institute, said that the complications of the Corona virus may extend to affect the blood vessels in the body, causing clots.

Abdel-Hadi explained that the appearance of symptoms and complications of the Corona virus on the lung, such as the two approaches, may be a sign of clots occurring within the blood vessels of the lung, as well as causing a severe shortage of oxygen in the blood.

The former Dean of the Heart Institute added that the lack of oxygen in the blood affects all organs of the body, including the heart, in a way that weakens the heart muscle, adding that infections that occur in the lung arteries may occur likewise in the heart, causing clots in its arteries, Which leads to angina pectoris, and heart attack.

He also confirmed that the coronavirus can cause inflammation in the membrane surrounding the heart.

What is the reason behind the effects of corona on the heart?

Abdel Hadi attributed the effects of the Corona virus on the heart to what is known as the post-Corona syndrome, noting that some patients suffer from weakness in the heart muscle despite recovery from the virus, which appears over time.

The former Dean of the Heart Institute stressed the need to treat coronavirus patients in accordance with the protocol stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Population, to ensure receiving appropriate treatment, as well as the need for medical follow-up even after recovery from the virus, in order to avoid complications that occur after Corona.

For his part, Dr. Hatem Ghazi, a consultant cardiologist and critical cases, spoke about the causes of the effects of the Corona virus on the heart, pointing out that it is a possible complication of the virus, which may lead to myocarditis over time, but not with all patients.

Ghazi explained, that the effects of the Corona virus on the heart expose the patient to hypertrophy and severe weakness in the heart muscle, despite the negative smear, noting that the patient may feel the continuous approach, which may be a sign that the patient has entered the stage of lung fibrosis, or lung clots. , or weakness of the heart muscle.

The cardiovascular consultant confirmed that it is not possible to determine a clear reason for the corona virus attacking the heart, despite this, it is a rare complication of the virus, which does not exceed 5%.

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