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What is the average citizen waiting for from the World Youth Forum, and perhaps the question more directly is: Will the forum bring any kind of benefit to the ordinary Egyptian citizen, or even to society?!
I raise this question because some people question and denounce what is the benefit of holding such a forum. Would it not be more useful to save the cost of this forum for useful matters, especially since we have many economic problems?!
Such a question is repeated in many forms and forms, on the tongues of some people, and on the social media, and it is questions that lurking terrorist organizations, whose main products have now become, are gloating over death and blowing up any missing information, or spreading a false rumor, thinking that this might bring them back. To the good old days!
Far from stalking such organizations, we are discussing here the questions that some citizens ask in good faith, and they have the right to receive clear and convincing answers to them.
Some citizens look at all issues from one angle only, and it boils down to a fundamental question: What will return to those behind this conference, forum or project?!
From this narrow perspective, this citizen does not see the paving of a public road, or the establishment of a public park, a factory, a school, a hospital, or any public project, as a benefit, as long as he did not benefit from it directly, while the reality says that such projects will return. For the benefit of all citizens and residents of the country.
If some think that the ordinary citizen or society will benefit nothing, then in this case all countries of the world must stop holding any public conferences in which representatives from different countries participate, because with this narrow definition it is a waste of time, effort and money, and each of them has poor and needy people pounds or dollars.
But if the one who asks the question thinks about it calmly, he will discover that such conferences and forums are beneficial to all citizens, the government, the state and the rest of society, provided that they are properly organized and are in the interest of all.
The World Youth Forum is an opportunity for dialogue between the Egyptian youth, then it is a greater opportunity for dialogue with the global youth who attended this forum in its fourth session.
With regard to the last forum in Sharm el-Sheikh, its administration announced more than once that all its costs came from different sponsors from banks, institutions and bodies, and that it did not cost the state budget a single pound.
Secondly, holding this forum will improve Egypt’s image before the whole world, as it shows it that it is a safe and stable country capable of organizing such major conferences. Therefore, Egypt’s image will be very positive in the eyes of everyone, instead of the negative image of Sinai as the place in which it is active. Terrorists, the forum reflects the matter to a positive image of the country, stability and images of harmonious youth, as an alternative to the image of murder, bombing and terrorism that the Arab region boasts of.
Such an image in which some pay millions of dollars in direct or indirect advertising, while the forum achieved it with minimal costs.
The most important thing is that this image is entrenched for many, as it returns in the form of more tourists and more investors, and when that happens, it directly benefits first on job opportunities, and secondly on our foreign exchange earnings, which means an improvement in the overall indicators of the Egyptian economy, including It alleviates the difficult economic conditions on many citizens, and thus the ordinary citizen will benefit from it.
Many countries organize conferences, festivals, forums and many events, which some sometimes see as useless or feasible, and even cost the public treasury a lot of money. But one of the main functions of this kind of activities is to improve the country’s image, increase its sources of soft power, and attract tourism and investments, in a way that benefits every citizen and the national economy in general.
But again, an essential condition is that these forums are held in a professional manner that addresses and communicates with the outside, and achieves the desired goal of holding them.

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