Donkeys freeze and a child dies.. Snow storms hit Arab and European countries


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Friday January 21 2022


Snow storms hit a number of Arab and European countries, resulting in injuries and casualties in some countries.

A snow storm in Syria and Lebanon exacerbated the refugee situation, especially after some of their tents were covered with snow.

Snow covers the tents of the displaced

A storm caused snow to cover tents for displaced people in Syria, causing the death of a child and the hospitalization of two other children after a sharp drop in temperatures. The United Nations, warned of Seoul as soon as the snow begins to melt.

At least one child was killed this week in Syria after a storm covered camps for the displaced with snow, accompanied by a sharp drop in temperatures to freezing, exacerbating the suffering of thousands of displaced people in the Syrian war that has been going on for nearly a decade.

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The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that a child died and his mother was admitted to intensive care after the snow caused the collapse of the tent in which they were living in the Qastal Miqdad area, following a storm that hit the area on January 18. The office added that two other children were in hospital due to frostbite.

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Heba raises fear in Lebanon

The snow storm “Hiba” HIBA that Lebanon is exposed to began to recede today, with the temperature continuing to drop from the usual rates, with the snow falling at a low altitude and causing damage to agricultural lands, while the security services, municipalities and the Ministry of Works continue their efforts to reopen the roads that were closed by the snow. over the past two days.

Meteorology forecast in Lebanon that a wave of frost will come and ice will form in the mountainous and inland areas until next Saturday evening.

Civil Defense elements are still making efforts to shovel the snow that has accumulated on public roads in mountainous areas in order to facilitate traffic and enable citizens to follow their path safely.

And temperatures reached below zero at medium altitudes, which led to the freezing of water inside tanks on the roofs of buildings and cutting it off from most homes and apartments.

Donkeys frozen in Turkey

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of a number of donkeys freezing in the streets of one of the provinces in Batterki

The tweeters said that the video follows Van province in Turkey, which witnesses heavy snowfall at this time of the year as a result of low temperatures in the country.

In the video, donkeys were seen standing frozen and completely covered in snow, while the ground around them was covered in white.

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