Egypt… A doctor warns against eating “poison” that we make with our hands without our knowing!


Dr. Sherine Ali Zaki, head of the Food Safety and Field Follow-up Committee at the General Syndicate of Veterinarians in Egypt, warned of a habit that many do as a “poison” that we make with our hands without our knowledge.

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The doctor said that some suffer from stored rice mites, and resort to many wrong habits that threaten health, believing that they expel mites, or avoid rice from this insect.

She added that this habit is to spray insecticides on rice or legumes that you buy in large quantities, warning against this habit because its harm is very great, as some types of pesticides have an oil base, even if the legumes are washed and boiled, this pesticide will not come out, and therefore “You eat This poison.”

Some in the villages also put grains of yield between the bags of rice and this means the end of life, because only 3 milligrams is enough to end the life of a child or teenager in a few seconds.

The yield pill, which is a tablet of aluminum phosphide compounds, as an insecticide in order to preserve the different yields from decay, is sold in pesticide shops in the countryside, and the price of the disc is 1 EGP.

The correct way to get rid of legume weevils:
If the amount of mites is very small, they can be eliminated in several ways:
Put a bunch of green mint and sprinkle a few black peppercorns, which works to expel the mites from the place where they are.

– Wash the amount of rice present, then filter it from the water and leave it to dry and put it in a cloth bag, preferably cotton, then put 3 sliced ​​garlic cloves and sprinkle an amount of coarse salt, stir well and put it in the refrigerator or a well-ventilated place.

Changing the temperature on rice by cooling it either in the refrigerator or freezer, which affects the mite in a direct way and works to kill it.

– Put baking soda (carbonato) in small pieces of cloth so that it is a navel and put it to protect the rice from weevils.

Dried black lemon, whose pungent smell works to expel weevils from legumes, without killing them.

– Bay leaves by distributing it over the amount of rice stock, which works to expel weevils.

Chili pepper and freshly ground turmeric, in a navel-shaped piece of cloth and put in the storage until it works to expel weevils.

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