Egypt .. A woman saves her son in court after he burned his sister to death



Egypt .. A woman saves her son in court after he burned his sister to death

An Egyptian woman waived her civil right before the court and saved her son, after his sister was burned to death because of the inheritance.

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The mother attended the session and recounted the details of what happened on the day of the incident, when her son poured gasoline on his sister and set her on fire, then went to her apartment and burned her, then went to the police station to turn himself in.

The court ordered that the accused be removed from the dock after the mother announced her relinquishment of the civil lawsuit. The judge ordered the accused to kiss the hand, head and foot of his mother because she rescued him.

The head of the Mansoura Criminal Court told the accused of burning his sister’s death in the Kurdi city in Dakahlia governorate, during his trial: “Your mother relinquished the civil right after she burned your sister, kissing her head and kissing her feet.

While the accused kissed his mother’s head and presented her, saying: “I didn’t mean to die my sister, the inheritance is the reason for all of this,” while the mother said: “I didn’t mean to die, please, Your Honor, this is a misfortune, our Lord forgives him.”

Source: Sada El Balad

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