Egypt .. A young man hacks his ex-girlfriend’s phone and destroys her life


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An Egyptian young woman filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend after her phone was hacked and her life was destroyed, as she was fired from her job, and her married life ended in divorce.

In the details, an Egyptian young man hacked his ex-girlfriend’s phone after their separation, exposed her and sent her nude pictures to her husband, family and relatives.

The young woman recounted the details of the incident, confirming that she had a friendship with the accused in 2012, and it lasted until 2016. During this period, the friendship relationship developed into love, until it ended when the young man decided to engage another girl, according to the Cairo 24 website.

In 2017, the young man contacted the girl again, offering her a job opportunity in the cable factory in which he works. Indeed, the girl responded, submitted her papers, and was accepted to work in the factory.

She indicated that the financial director of the factory asked to marry her, but she was hesitant because he was married, and she would be a second wife, and they had a conversation on the communication site and WhatsApp conversations, and these conversations reached his first wife, in a way that the two parties did not know, and the matter caused a big problem. , led to the separation of the couple, after which the girl married her manager.

She pointed out that the ex-wife used to receive the details of her husband’s life with that girl, and even the details of the apartment in which they were living, until the husband thought that the girl’s family were the ones who sent this to his ex-wife with the aim of disturbing her.

The former lover was able to hack an old personal account of her on the social networking site Facebook, and sent officials that there was a relationship between her and the financial manager, and the girl was separated from the company, and the problems between her and her husband increased until she separated from him, after her bad news was circulated in the factory.


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