Egypt .. Details of a new medical error by a famous artist and a report to the Attorney General


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The series of medical errors in Egypt is still going on. Saeed Mustafa Hanafi, the lawyer of the artist, Menna Shalaby, revealed the details of the complaint she submitted to the Public Prosecution against two nurses, explaining that she accused them of being involved in a medical error for her mother, artist Zizi Mustafa.

Hanafi said: “Due to the artist’s mother, Menna, I decided to contract with a private company to provide good health care, to take care of her healthily, noting that the company has already provided a staff of nurses: “working a shift system”, and provided them with all the means that help them to Providing good health care to the artist’s mother.

He explained that “two nurses from the crew caused a fatal medical error, according to the report of El Gouna Hospital,” stressing that the artist, Menna Shalaby, because of her preoccupation with her work, always communicates with the two nurses to check on her mother’s health, but the two nurses completely concealed the medical error they had caused for four days, which caused It prevents treatment easily, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

The actress’s lawyer, Menna Shalaby, indicated that she decided to file a report with the Public Prosecution, not because of the idea of ​​a medical error, but because they hid from her the deterioration of her mother’s health condition because of them, explaining that she informed the company that contracted with her about the medical error and on the basis of that she decided to file a report.

Regarding the two nurses talk on social media about the inhuman treatment they mentioned, Saeed Mustafa confirmed that it is completely false: “Mena Shalaby was not present with them at home at all. .

He indicated that the artist preferred not to talk about the topic on social media, to take into account the health conditions and respect for her: “She does not want to enter into polemics,” stressing that the artist decided to leave the matter to the Public Prosecution.



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