Egypt News.. The government: There is no truth to canceling dealing on goldsmiths with the traditional stamp


During the past few hours, the seventh day published a set of important news, the most important of which was the media center of the Council of Ministers, revealing that in light of what was reported about canceling dealings on goldsmiths that were imprinted with traditional stamps, and not recognizing them in conjunction with the adoption of the new system for laser stamping, continues The center is with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which denied the news.

The ministry stressed that it is not correct to cancel dealings on gold works that have been stamped with traditional stamps and not recognize them, coinciding with the adoption of the new laser stamping system, stressing that all goldsmiths stamped with traditional and recognized stamps in the possession of merchants and consumers are valid as they are and approved by the stamping authority. And the scales affiliated to the Ministry, and do not require any subsequent action on them, noting that the laser stamping process is a regulatory process to keep pace with the technological development in the industry, to know the origin of each gold piece, and to register it on a database from its manufacture until its sale and transfer between customers, with the aim of tightening control over this industry. , and prevent fraud.

In a related context, changing the applicable stamp system and changing its printers from old to modern characters over the past years is considered a semi-legacy preserved by the Stamp and Scales Department over the years, but modernization and keeping pace with the technological development in the industry and the use of modern methods of stamping is an addition and a qualitative development required. For more accuracy and tight control... The following is a summary of Egypt’s news of the most important news.

Meteorology: January is the coldest month of winter and the country is affected by a cold mass from Europe

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director General of the Department of Forecasting and Early Warning of Weather Risks, and Head of the Media Center at the Meteorological Authority, revealed that the country is affected by an air mass coming from southern Europe with wind speeds on nearby layers on the surface of the earth, which increases the feeling of very cold weather..

The Director-General of the Department of Forecasting and Early Warning of Weather Risks and Head of the Media Center at the Meteorological Authority added, in special statements for the seventh day, that the temperatures these days are slightly lower than the normal rates for this time of the year, explaining that January is the coldest month of the winter season..

Shaheen stressed that with the absence of sunlight, the temperatures drop dramatically, and the minimum temperatures reach between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius in the north of the country, and less than 5 degrees in the north of Upper Egypt, with chances of snow formation on the heights of Saint Catherine..

Today, Thursday, there is a drop in temperature, with cold weather prevailing during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt, cold in southern Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges, cold in southern Upper Egypt, very cold at night in all parts, reaching the point of frost in central Sinai. .

Education is completing its preparations for the general secondary exams for the first term

Secondary schools have finished preparing for exams First semester For high school students, where questions were developed, students were distributed to examination committees, and medical supplies were provided to secure students against the Corona virus.

It is worth noting that Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that there is no amendment in the schedules and dates of the first term exams for the first and second grades of secondary school, and everything published in this regard is baseless..

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education had decided to cancel the electronic exams for the first and second secondary grades for the first semester, provided that all exams were held on paper. % or the essay that represents 30%, indicating that this comes in order to facilitate the students.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, stated that there is no change in the dates of the first secondary exams, as they start on January 22 in the basic school subjects, while students begin today, Saturday, to take the exam in the subjects that are not added to the total..

Changing the name of the Civil Status Office in Abbasiya to “Register of Citizens Abroad”

The Ministry of the Interior issued Resolution No. 2461 of 2021 regarding the replacement of the name of the civil registry office, the main center and its headquarters, the General Office of the Department, to the civil registry of citizens abroad and the terms of reference provided by it..

The decision stipulated that the name of the Civil Registry Office, the main center, located in the General Authority of the Authority, be replaced by the Civil Registry of Citizens Abroad – Cairo, located in Al-Multaqa Towers in Abbasiya.

The register of citizens abroad and the headquarters of Al-Multaqa Towers in Abbasiya – the General Administration of Regions Affairs.

The record is concerned with the following:

1- Receiving requests for registering civil status incidents that were made for Egyptian citizens abroad to take the necessary measures to register them and to issue them in accordance with the regulating instructions for that.

2- Receiving requests for obtaining copies of entries, documents, records, corrections, re-registration, reviewing, registration and sending them to the competent Civil Status Department to take the necessary action in this regard.

3- Receiving the decisions related to nationality in its various forms from the General Department of Passports, Immigration and Nationality and taking the necessary measures in this regard in accordance with the rules and instructions regulating this.

4- Take the necessary measures to implement the judgments or documents issued by the competent authority related to services and recording the facts of civil status that were carried out for Egyptians abroad.

5- Keeping documents, requests, records and forms related to the work of the record.

6- Commitment to implement all provisions of Law No. 143 of 1994 regarding civil status and its executive regulations related to civil status services and facts for citizens residing abroad.

The Ministry of Health examines one million and 93 thousand students in the first year of middle school to detect the C virus

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the examination of one million and 93 thousand students, as part of the initiative of the President of the Republic for the early detection of the “C” virus among school students in the first year of middle school under the slogan100 million healthFree for the fourth year in a row, since its launch on the 21st of last November until today.

This comes in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, that the initiative will continue to work for 5 years in a row for middle school students, to ensure that Egypt is kept free of the “C” virus.“.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the initiative aims to examine 2,500 thousand first-year students in the preparatory stage during the current academic year, pointing out that the governorates have the highest rate of examination since the launch of the initiative; Cairo Governorate, where 101,67 students were examined, followed by Giza Governorate 96,347 students, then Beheira Governorate 79,477 students, then Dakahlia Governorate 70,75 students.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Dahi, President of the General Authority for Health Insurance, said that the work of the initiative includes conducting examinations for students inside schools using rapid reagents, through 419 medical teams at the General Authority for Health Insurance..

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