Egypt.. Parliamentary move demanding compensation for World War mines


Tariq Al-Khouli, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives for the Coordination of Youth of Parties and Politicians, and the applicant for the briefing, demanded that this file be reopened by inviting the warring parties during World War II To shoulder its international responsibility in the process demining.

In statements to Sky News Arabia, Al-Khouli said that the El Alamein area contains millions of mines, which pose a real danger to the lives of citizens, noting that the countries of Germany, Britain and Italy were handed over to Egypt. mine maps However, these maps no longer show the actual locations of the mines.

Egypt is the first in the world in terms of mines

Al-Khouli indicated that the content of the request for briefing dealt with the issue of demining from the El Alamein area, because the Second World War left 17.5 million mines in the El Alamein area, starting from the south of El Alamein. North Coast to the western borders of Egypt; This made Egypt the first country in the world in terms of the presence of the largest number of mines, according to the American “List Virus” website.

He called on the Ministry of International Cooperation to act in this file within the framework of implementing Rule No. (83) of the rules of customary international humanitarian law, which states: “When the actual hostilities end, the party to the conflict that has used landmines must remove them, nullify their harm to civilians, or facilitate removed”, and also, in light of the Ottawa Convention, which supported the adoption of international law Regarding the mine crisis.

Mine locations changed

Al-Khouli continued by saying: “The minefields In the El Alamein area, it poses a real danger to the lives of Egyptians, as it is an obstacle to the comprehensive development in that region, and the maps handed over by: Germany, Britain, and Italy to Egypt no longer show the actual locations of the mine areas; because of weather changes and the activity of the sand dunes that moved those mines.

He stressed that: “the mines in this region pose great challenges, first with regard to the issue of compromising the lives of the population on an ongoing and periodic basis, as the lives of citizens are at risk and they pay their lives for this.” mineMany are also subjected to amputation of their limbs, and these mines pose a challenge to the development of this region, and therefore it was important to deal with this issue.”

And a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives continued, adding: “The Egyptian state has been seeking since… The outbreak of World War II So far, to clear these mines, and this is not the first time that I have acted in parliament on this issue, but it is time to resolve it, and for the countries that planted these mines to bear their responsibility to remove the mines on Egyptian land in a war in which Egypt had no camel or camel.

Compensation for the affected

He also stressed that: “The Ministry of International Cooperation is concerned with this file and has a unit responsible for the issue of demining, and the issue is not only related to mine maps, these countries that have already planted mines handed over mine maps to Egypt, but the problem is that these mines moved from their place, what Making the issue require huge and large equipment to remove these mines and clear this area, which is the responsibility of the countries that planted them, in addition to the need to pay these countries Compensation for the affected, whether the families of those who died as a result of the explosion of these mines, or the people who had their limbs amputated because of them.”

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