Egyptian meteorologists warn of winds, torrential rain and cloud cover


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The Egyptian Meteorological Authority warned against weather today, Sunday, noting that winds are relatively active in some areas, with expectations of torrential rain.

This came in a statement published by the Egyptian “Masrawy” website, which indicated that there is an activity of dry southwesterly winds in the north of the country that extends to Cairo and northern Upper Egypt and is exciting for sand and dust.

The meteorological statement noted a decrease in the level of horizontal visibility on desert roads as a result of these winds, indicating a decrease in temperatures in a way that leads to an increase in the feeling of cold weather.

The statement indicated that the wind speed is expected to reach 25 knots in the northern coasts, dropping to 20 knots in Lower Egypt and Greater Cairo.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority’s statement included a warning of disturbances in the Mediterranean and waves of up to 3 meters high.

The statement indicated the spread of clouds over the areas of central Egypt to the far south of the country, with rainfall of varying intensity, while there are chances of torrential rains in Sinai.


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