El-Shennawy: We lost focus in the first half, and the next is better


Egypt goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy confirmed that the national team players lost their focus in the first half, noting that the next is better.

Al-Shennawi said in statements after the match: “We entered the match with a lot of focus, but the excessive focus made us lose our focus a little in the first half until we conceded the goal, but I see that in the second half we were better and we missed many chances, but thank God.”

He added: “We did not want this result, but God forbids what He wills, and we know that the championship is strong, but the next is better, God willing.”

He continued, “There is no solution for us but to win the next two matches, and we were aiming to occupy the first place, but we will focus on the next match and we will prepare for it well, and we have now entered the atmosphere of the championship.”

Al-Shennawy concluded: “I tell the players that the next match will give everything we have, and I thank the fans for coming to support us and apologize for our negative result. We play for the public and the entire Egyptian people, and we will perform well in the upcoming matches and we will forget what happened in the first match.”

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