Electricity was cut off for 4 days in 4 villages in Beni Suef.. Know the details


The Beni Suef Electricity Sector announced that it has been decided disconnect the current About some villages and places in the centers of Beni Suef and Nasser, from today, Saturday until Tuesday, from 8 am to 12 pm, to carry out periodic maintenance work for the feeders.

According to the electricity sector, the electricity will be cut off today, Saturday 15/1 from Abu Saleh Island, on Sunday 16/1 from the Dandel Airport area, on Monday 17/1 from the village of Riyad Pasha, and on Tuesday 18/1 from the village of Sanour.

The sector apologizes for disconnecting the power to carry out the required maintenance, with the aim of raising the efficiency of the service, appealing to citizens, government agencies and service establishments affected by the disconnection to take the necessary measures to provide their basic needs, which depend on electricity during that period.

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