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Salim Amlah and Fayez Slimani – Morocco x Comoros provides you with live coverage of the matches between Morocco and Comoros, and Malawi with Zimbabwe, as part of the matches of the second round of the African Nations Cup.

Morocco VS Comoros (0/2)

end of the match

The referee returned to the video technology and then awarded the second goal.

s. 88 Jooool Thaani. Interfaith to Abu Zakaria during which he solos and records the second. But the referee counts offside.

s. 85 What is all this, Ben Buena? A new solo by Al-Nusairi and Ben Buena starred and tackled it.

s. 83 Bin Buwayna shines and saves the penalty kick from Youssef Al-Nusairi.

s. 80 Zakaria during gets a penalty kick after being fouled by Ben Bouena.

s. 78 Ooooh Bin Buina and address the championship. A cross and a header from Nayef Akrad was tackled by Ben Bouena skillfully and rebounded to Adam Massina, who shot again and Ben Bouena saved it twice and stopped the ball on the goal line with a more than impressive save.

s. 76 fixed balls were executed by Hakimi and were skillfully tackled by Ben Buena.

s. 73 Ooooh Samoud Ben Bouena continues after a cross from Hakimi, Boufal met her with a touch that Bouena saved from inside the six yards.

s. 71 Boufal cuts the pass of goalkeeper Salim Bin Buena and passes to Salim Amlah, who shoots next to the post.

s. 63 Faysal Fajr, Zakaria Abu Khalil, and Youssef Al-Nasiri entered in the place of Ayoub Al-Kaabi, Salim Amalah and Tariq Tisoudali.

s. 58 Ooooh Comoros goalkeeper shines and saves Kaabi’s header.

s. 55 Sofiane Boufal dribbles Nadim Abdo with great skill and sends a cross that hits the defense and Al Kaabi tries to follow it, but the goalkeeper saves it.

s. 54 A great start from Tassidoli and a ground cross that passed in front of Ayoub Al Kaabi.

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

s. 38 Oooh, Ayoub Al-Kaabi is alone and eludes the guard, but Mohamed Youssef intervenes and saves her from in front of him.

s. 36 corner kicked by Nayef Akrad heading in the crossbar.

s. 15 Gooool Owl for Morocco. A cross from Ashraf Hakimi was pushed away by the defense and reached Ayoub Al Kaabi, who shot to be saved by the defense again, and it reached Salim Amlah, who dodged and then shot into the goal, recording the first.

start of the match

To watch the match live from here

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Malawi vs Zimbabwe (1/2)

end of the match

s. 56 second gooool for Malawi. Binya to Gabadino Mango, who singled out and hit the ball over the goalkeeper, scoring the second.

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

s. 42 goooool tie. A cross was met by Gabadino Mango with a touch in the net, scoring a tie.

s. 38 Gooool All for Zimbabwe. A cross from the left side was met by Ismail Wadi with a wonderful header in the net.

s. 25 crosses were met by Tino Kadwir, and Ernest Kakupuri, the Malawian goalkeeper, blocked it.

s. 11 ground crosses for Zimbabwe by Chimwemwe, but the defense kept it away at the last minute.

start of the match

To watch the match live from here


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