FilGoal | News | Al Hilal President: Our stadium is called “the cemetery” and Al-Ahly could not beat us on our land


Haitham Al-Subat, president of the Sudanese Al-Hilal club, stressed that the maintenance and preparation work in his team’s stadium is very close to the end in the next few days.

Al-Sobat said on Al-Mehwar channel: “Al-Hilal Stadium has been prepared and most of the work has been completed, and the observations made by the CAF stadium inspection committee, and within a few days, the stadium will be permanently ready to host the team’s matches in the African Champions League.”

He added, “Al-Hilal Stadium is called in Sudan the cemetery, and all Al-Hilal matches in Sudan were victorious, even Al-Ahly could not beat Al-Hilal in our stadium.”

“Of course, there will be a large crowd here during the team’s matches in the African Champions League,” he added.

He continued, “We did not contact Al-Ahly or the African Union to hold Al-Hilal matches in Cairo, because our stadium will be ready to receive matches on January 8.”

He concluded his statements, “The Sudanese Crescent and Al-Ahly have been twins for more than 20 years, and Al-Ahly will be in its second country, Sudan. When we come here to confront Al-Hilal.”

Al-Ahly will play with Al-Ahly in the first group for the group stage of the African Champions League, along with Sudan’s Mars and Sun Downs in South Africa.


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