FilGoal | News | Amer Hussein: The penalty clause in Queiroz’s contract is equal to one and a half years salary


Amer Hussein, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association, blew a big surprise about the value of the penalty clause in the contract of Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Egyptian national team.

Amer Hussein said in statements to On Sport Radio: “The penalty clause in Carlos Queiroz’s contract, according to Khaled Al-Dardali, is that he receives the value of his salary one and a half times, equivalent to a year and a half.”

He added, “Likewise, Nelo Vengada, the technical director of the federation, receives a year’s salary as a penalty clause, but his contract expires next May.”

And about the scenes of the meeting with Queiroz before the tournament, Amer Hussein said, “Carlos Queiroz informed us during the meeting with him before the tournament that his statements were to remove pressure from the players, but he is convinced to compete for the title.”

And he continued, “In the end, it is determination and will that make the difference, and whoever plays on three points is different from whoever plays on the point because his chance is greater.”

Amer continued, “I hope that the last twenty minutes of the Nigeria match will be an indicator of the team’s performance in the rest of the journey and apply his words in the upcoming matches.”

He concluded, “We can only support the Egyptian national team and wish them success and appear in the best possible way.”

Egypt began its campaign in the African Nations Cup with a loss to Nigeria, with a goal to none.

Egypt currently occupies the last place in the standings of the fourth group without a balance of points after the first round.

The team is preparing to face Guinea-Bissau next Saturday, in the matches of the second round of the group.


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