FilGoal | News | Farco in an official statement: African nations will do justice to us in the file of replaying our match against Al-Masry


Farco Club issued an official statement, saying that the events of the match between Senegal and Cape Verde in the African Nations Cup do justice to the club in the file of replaying its match against Al-Masry in the league.

Farkos statement said: “The match between Senegal and Cape Verde in the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon 2021 witnessed a similar incident to what happened during the Farco and Al-Masry match in the Egyptian League, which the orange team protested against and demanded that it be returned.”

Farco added: “Where a strong clash erupted between Cap Verde goalkeeper and Senegal striker Sadio Mane, the goalkeeper came out injured and was replaced by another goalkeeper, but after returning to the mouse technique, the goalkeeper was expelled on the bench, then he removed a player from Cap Verde, and played The team is flawed.”

And he concluded, “The same incident occurred in the Farco and Al-Masry match, and Ahmed Hamoudi was expelled after receiving a second yellow card as a result of the clash with Farco defender Ahmed Abdel Aziz Modi. end of the match”.

And last December, Farco demanded that his match against Al-Masry be replayed in the seventh round of the league, which ended 1-0 in favor of the Port Said team.

Farkos statement said that he was calling for the match to be replayed “after witnessing an arbitration error by the match referee, Mahmoud Al-Banna, after the player Ahmed Hamoudi, player of the Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi club, was expelled after he was late in changing him while he was still on the field and did not leave the stadium, but the referee completed the match after the participation of his substitute until The end of the meeting, which is in violation of the regulations and requires a re-match.

Referee Mahmoud Al-Banna, Hamoudi, was expelled during the match, for being late in leaving, and he received a second warning.


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