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The competitions of the penultimate stage of the Handball Professional League opened with the victory of Zamalek and Al-Ahly.

The competitions for the penultimate stage will be held between the first six teams that qualified from the preliminary round, which are Zamalek, Al-Ahly, Smouha, Sporting, Talaa Al-Jaish and Al-Ahly Bank.

From that stage, the first four teams qualify for the final round in order to decide the champion of the current edition of the Professional League.

Zamalek, the defending champion, defeated Al-Ahly Bank, 28-20, in the matches of the first round of the penultimate stage.

As for Al-Ahly, it swept Smouha over Prince Abdullah Faisal Hall in Al-Jazira, with a score of 35-17 in the same round.

The matches of the second round of the semi-final round will be held on Thursday, and Zamalek plays against Smouha between Al-Ahly against Sporting, and finally, Tala’a El-Gaish hosts Al-Ahly Bank.

The first group competitions are held between the first six teams to compete for qualification for the last stage, and after its end, the legal points from the related league are added, and the first-placed team gets 3 points, the second gets 2.5, and so on.

The competitions will be held until the end of this month on January 31, in order to arrange the teams and determine the finalists for the final stage.

In the end, the first 4 clubs ascend to the third and final stage to play two combined rounds to determine the league champion, with each team playing six matches.


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