FilGoal | News | His brother: A big English club wants Akram Tawfik


Abdel Aziz Tawfik, the former Egyptian player, said that a major English club wants to sign his brother, Akram Tawfik, the defender of the Pharaohs and Al-Ahly.

Akram Tawfik injured his cruciate ligament during his participation with Egypt against Nigeria in the 2021 African Cup on Tuesday, in a meeting that was decided by a goal.

“Akram’s body will help him to return quickly from injury, he may return after only 3 or 4 months. He will perform the operation in Germany,” Tawfiq said on On Time Sports 2.

He continued, “He has received many offers in the recent period, from big clubs. A team is one of the top five in the English Premier League.”

Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham United and Arsenal are currently ranked in the top five in the English Premier League.

Akram, 24, performed a distinguished performance with Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team this season.

Akram played for Enppi and loaned Al-Ahly to El-Gouna before participating with the first team of the Red Castle last season.

Akram won six titles with Al-Ahly and participated with the Egyptian Olympic team in the Tokyo 2020 session last summer.


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