FilGoal | News | Tunisian report: Mahmoud Al-Banna directs the confrontation of Tunisia and Mauritania in the African Nations


Tunisian radio “Mosaique” revealed that Mahmoud Al-Banna will direct the match between Tunisia and Mauritania in the 2021 African Cup of Nations.

The match will be held as part of the second round of the sixth group.

This will be Mahmoud Al-Bannas first appearance in the Nations Cup, after he missed the opening match due to his infection with the Corona virus.

Mahmoud Al-Banna was scheduled to participate in the opening meeting as the fourth referee, but his sample appeared positive.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Egyptian referee appeared for the first time in the tournament with a referee whistle for Amin Omar, in the match between Burkina Faso and Cape Verde, which ended with the first victory 1-0.

Tunisia and Mauritania are third and fourth in Group F without a balance after losing 1-0 to Mali and Gambia, respectively.

There are five rulers in the African Nations: Mahmoud Ashour, Mahmoud Abu Al-Regal, Mahmoud Al-Banna, Amin Omar and Ahmed Hossam Taha.

And two Egyptian referees were added due to the increase in the numbers infected with Corona among the rulers: Ahmed Al-Ghandour and Muhammad Maarouf.


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