FilGoal | News | Zamalek Basketball coach: Ahmed Yasser’s movement is a reaction to an offensive signal from the Al-Ahly player.. I do not like to talk about arbitration


Yasser Abdel Wahab, coach of the Zamalek basketball team, revealed that the movement of Ahmed Yasser, the team’s player, in the last seconds, which cost the team a technical error, was a reaction due to another movement of one of Al-Ahly’s players.

Al-Ahly snatched a fatal victory against Zamalek in the latter’s hall, with a score of 86-85, with a fatal three from Ahmed Moheeb in the last second.

Zamalek was ahead 85-82 5 seconds before the end of the match, but a technical error was calculated against Ahmed Yasser due to a signal towards the technical staff of Al-Ahly recorded by Michael Thompson, the Al-Ahly professional, before he scored the majestic treble in the last second.

And Yasser Abdel-Wahab said on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “Ahmed Yasser did that movement after an offensive move by one of Al-Ahly’s players during the meeting, and the match was suspended.”

Yasser Abdel Wahab managed the confrontation of Zamalek against Al-Ahly in the position of coach after the departure of the Greek coach and waiting for the arrival of American William Voight, the new coach.

And Yasser Abdel Wahab continued, “I do not know why the signal of the Al-Ahly player was not considered a technical error as well? Ahmed Yasser’s movement was a reaction.”

And the Zamalek coach explained, “If she deserved that mistake, then there is no problem, but it should have been calculated on the Al-Ahly player as well.”

Yasser Abdel Wahab stressed, “I do not like to talk about arbitration, especially with the loss, and I apologize to the fans of Zamalek. We wanted to win.”

He concluded his statements, “We are currently preparing for the last matches of the Super League, and the fans have the right to be happy with the team’s performance in the current period, and we start preparing for the World Cup and the African Championship.”

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