Finally, the identity of the “secret” husband of Soad Hosni, who conquered Israel and caused the suicide of 6 Mossad officers, was revealed. You won’t believe who he is?


The beginning of the knowledge: “We thank you for your good cooperation with us.” A sentence that is repeated a lot, especially after it has turned into a “comic” that many choose to comment on many events we are going through, although some do not know that this sentence came in a series that is among the most famous espionage works. witnessed by Egyptian and Arab art alike.

I’m talking here about the series “Tears in the Eyes of Rude”, or as the audience calls it, “Friday Al-Shawan”, which starred: Adel Imam, Maali Zayed, Mustafa Fahmy, Mahmoud Al-Jundi, Musherira Ismail and a large number of stars.

Away from the series and its details, the life of the hero Ahmed Al-Hawan, the owner of the original story, was full of many achievements and heroics of which we are all proud.

According to press statements by his brother, the series only presented 7% of his achievements, and his brother said that Ahmed was working in tourism and one day the Mossad men tried to recruit him.

His brother revealed to the intelligence services, and his brother continued that he had caused the “Human” to have a crisis with the intelligence service, especially after he succeeded in revealing him after his suspicions about his brother arose. The Israeli Air Force hit the same places, and he began to suspect, which made him go to the intelligence building to report on his brother, before he knew there that he was working with them.

Agent for 12 years, “Al-Hawan” cooperated with the Egyptian intelligence during 12 years, from 1969 until 1981, and was then transferred to Cairo as an insurance measure, but he returned to his country of Suez on October 24, 2011 to participate in a public meeting at the Suez Culture Palace in celebration. On the governorate’s National Day, as if he was going to bid farewell to the city that embraced him when he was young, as he left our world only one week after that occasion.

An agent of Israel revealed from his shirt, and among the most prominent “Hawan” championships that the series did not monitor, that he succeeded in revealing Ibrahim Saeed Shaheen, who the great artist Saeed Saleh presented his character in the series “The Fall in Beersheba”, and coincidence played a major role in bringing down “Shaheen”.

On one occasion, while Al-Shawan was in Israel with one of the officers there, he very much liked a shirt that a person wore, and what caught his eye the most was its colors, so he asked the officer to buy him a shirt like him from Israel, and when Ahmed Al-Shawan returned to Egypt and while he was wandering in one of the streets, he found the same The person hit him with his car and insisted that they go to the police station to find out his real name, which was achieved and submitted that data to the intelligence that monitored “Shahin” and eventually killed him.

Israel is trying to assassinate him. The question that preoccupies many with the series is shown every time.. Did Israel ever think to assassinate the “humiliation” after its truth was revealed to the world? The answer to this question is, yes, I tried to assassinate him only once and the attempt failed, as the Mossad sent a person to the headquarters of the Shawan Shipping Agencies Company in Port Fouad, and when Ahmed Al-Hawan met him, he felt that there was something abnormal and informed the intelligence after setting an appointment to meet this person in Cairo was ambushed, and the person who was found in possession of a silencer pistol was arrested and confessed that he had been assigned to assassinate the “Human”.

Soad Hosni’s husband. One of the important information about Ahmed Al-Hawan is that he was paid $5,000 per month from Israel, and he visited Tel Aviv 38 times, and Golda Meir, the Israeli Prime Minister, honored him after his success in passing the polygraph tests over a period of 4 hours, and in a television interview It was shown in 2011, “Al-Hawan” said that he married the late artist Soad Hosni secretly in 1969, with a customary contract by agreement of the parties because he had a wife at that time.


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