Following in the footsteps of the star of the Ertugrul series.. Actress Tuba clings to her lover.. with a blunt look and her charms coming out of her dress without a bra!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Turkish actress Tuba Boykston published a picture of her on Instagram, in which she appeared sitting next to a young man who was said to be her lover.

She wore a black dress that exposed her charms and did not wear a bra. She was distinguished by her short hair, and commented on the photo.

Tobas picture was admired by her followers, who flirted with her beauty and charm, and Arab followers commented on her picture, expressing their love for her and their admiration for her and her acting roles.

Where she achieved a large fan base in the Arab world after she participated in the series “Sunna Al-Loss” with the role of Lamis, which spread widely and gained high viewing rates, in addition to the series “Jusoor and Al Jamila”, “Eshk Al Aswad”, and others.

It is worth noting that the Turkish actress Tuba Buyukustun is considered a rich material for the press, and there is a lot of talk about her and her romantic relationships.

Rumors are also chasing her a lot, the last of which was her relationship with the Turkish artist Murad Boz, although he is 9 years younger than her, with whom she participated in the starring of her new series “The Other Nafs”.

Where the press claimed that they were on a boat in the middle of the sea, after Murat Boz published a picture of the crew of the series and Tuba sat next to him.


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