Former British Defense Minister: The Prime Minister of Blair’s government ordered me to burn a secret memorandum on the legitimacy of the Iraq war


Former British Defense Minister: The Prime Minister of Blair's government ordered me to burn a secret memorandum on the legitimacy of the Iraq war

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Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

The campaign to strip former British Prime Minister Tony Blair of his equestrian title was boosted last night by devastating allegations from his defense minister, Geoff Hoon.

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A petition in Britain calls for Tony Blair to be deprived of

AndThe Daily Mail published excerpts From a book by Geoff Hoon, he said that “the Cabinet ordered him to burn a secret memo saying the 2003 invasion of Iraq might be illegal”, that when the claim surfaced in 2015, Sir Tony Blair said it was “nonsense”, but Hoon, Who was in charge of the defense when the war began, insisted the allegations were “true” and gave a sensational account of the “cover-up of Office 10,” according to the Daily Mail.

“His chief private secretary was told ‘in no uncertain terms’ by Jonathan Powell, Sir Tony’s chief of staff, that after reading the document he should burn it,” Hoon explained, noting that the Department of Defense’s Mandarin was deeply troubled by the matter – and they defied the Cabinet from By locking the note in a safe instead.”

Geoff Hoon noted that allegations that Sir Tony had signed a “blood deal” with George “received a Cabinet reprimand for telling the United States that if MPs voted against the war, British forces would not be able to participate.”

He also accused the press office, “No. 10” of the Prime Minister, of being behind notorious reports, which exaggerated the threat from Saddam Hussein’s army, noting that “Sir Tony sacked him and “dodge the danger” to escape the blame in the war.”

The allegations came as the number of people who signed a petition calling for a change in the “honour” of the former Labor Prime Minister approached 600,000, as the Queen made him a “companion of Persia” through the “Rabt Medal”, the oldest equestrian medal. in Britain.

In Hon’s memoirs See How They Run, the former Secretary of Defense described his shock when asked to destroy secret advice from Lord Goldsmith, Attorney General of Sir Tony, on the legality of war in the pre-conflict period, as it was later revealed that Lord Goldsmith had said that The war could be illegal, when, days before the fighting began, he changed his mind and said it was legal.”

Geoff Hoon noted that “Ministers, Parliament and the public were misled by Blair into supporting a war that many considered illegal and a crime.”

Source: “Daily Mail”

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