France .. Parliament approves the draft vaccination passport


France .. Parliament approves the draft vaccination passport


France .. Parliament finally approves the draft law on the passport of vaccination

In a recent vote of deputies, the French Parliament approved a bill for a certificate of vaccination against Corona, with the renewed outbreak of the epidemic in the country.

The law was approved by 215 votes in favor, 58 against, and seven deputies abstained from voting.

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Refusal of the health passport.. the French

The Socialist deputies will resort to the Constitutional Council to ensure respect for “basic liberties”, which will delay the issuance of the law by a few days.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal had announced that Paris would pass a law converting the “health passport” needed to practice some professions and go to cinemas and bars to a “vaccination passport”.

Gabriel Atal said at the time that the law would be issued during the first half of January 2022.

He stated that the main objective of the “vaccination passport” is to cancel the option of a certificate of non-infection with the Corona virus by examining its negative result, which is an alternative to obtaining vaccinations.

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