From adolescence and recklessness.. A rare picture of the Egyptian artist Rushdi Abaza with the beautiful Yousra.. You will not believe what happened behind the scenes.


A rare photo of the star, Yousra, with the late artist Rushdi Abaza, gained wide circulation on social media platforms.

The picture dates back to the second half of the seventies of the last century, but they did not indicate the scenes of the picture and the occasion on which it was taken, while one of the commentators explained that the picture was taken during the activities of the Cairo Film Festival, which was established in 1976.

Yousra appeared in the picture, wearing a white sleeveless dress, while the dangwan Rushdi Abaza appeared, also wearing a white suit, and a red tie with white patterns.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Yousra, participated with Rushdi Abaza, in the movie “Bayada”, which is considered the last of Dungewan films that he embodied a few months before his death. He hinted at Rushdi Abaza and his love for the star Yusra.

The story dates back to 1980 when the movie “Bayada” was produced, starring Rushdi Abaza and Yousra, who was starting her artistic career at the time after she caught attention for her talent. She eventually apologized for marrying him because, according to the article, she was younger than his daughter, who was divided, and because it was difficult for her to understand people that her marriage to him was out of love, not greed for his great wealth, and she was determined to do so.

Rushdi Abaza insisted on her a lot at first, and expressed his willingness to give her in advance a large part of his wealth. Then, after her repeated refusal, he was convinced of her point of view, and agreed to establish friendship between them, and to meet her daily in the garden of the pool of the Mina House Hotel. Where it was preferred to stay in one of the hotel’s chalets, while it was a shock to Rushdi Abaza to discover that he had reached the age with which he could no longer have a girl at Yusra’s age.

In a previous interview with Al-Ittihad newspaper, the star Yousra said: “I loved Rushdi Abaza and he loved me very much, and I did not find a man in my life who was able to treat women like him, but when he asked me to marry, the age difference between us and the disease without completing it,” praising the extent of his sophistication in dealing. And how he has a high taste in dealing with women, stressing that he is Prince in everything.


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