George Wassouf sings in a funny video while receiving the third dose of the Corona vaccine


In the past hours, George Wassouf underwent the third dose of the Corona virus vaccine, and the Syrian star appeared in a funny video while receiving the vaccine, which also impressed his fans and fellow stars.

George Wassouf sings while receiving the Corona vaccine

George Wassouf posted on his Twitter account a short video in which he appears while receiving the third dose of the Corona virus.Buy me” for the star Warda from the movie “The Voice of Love”, where he changed the lyrics of the song and sang: “They vaccinated me the third time they vaccinated me,” in reference to him receiving the third dose of the Corona virus vaccine, and the Syrian artist sought to appear in a funny way as he obtained the third dose in order to Encouraging his followers not to hesitate to get the vaccine, noting that it is better than being infected, and that they like to deal with the matter with a laugh, so he wrote a comment on the video: “They vaccinated me..the vaccine is better than treatment. Take it with a laugh.”

Basem Mughniyeh comments on George Wassouf’s video

George Wassouf interacted with the funny video that was published by a wide section of his fans as well as his colleagues in the artistic community, including the artist Bassem Mughniyeh, who republished the video through his account on “Twitter” and confirmed that he loved the Syrian artist George Wassouf’s singing in this way while receiving the vaccine, so he wrote:The first artist to film with the vaccine and with love.” The artist, George Wassouf, was one of the first stars to confirm that they had received the vaccine, as he revealed in February 2021 that he was waiting for his turn in order to obtain it, and in the past months he underwent two doses of it until the date of the third activation dose, which happened It was in a cheerful atmosphere that he was able to make himself.

George Wassouf celebrates his 60th birthday

George Wassouf celebrated his 60th birthday on stage, after the star Walid Tawfik and Abed Fahd surprised him while he was performing a party in the United Arab Emirates. You have a party like this you will see on the stage, thank you Walid and Abed and all those present for the surprise.

Walid Tawfik also published a special congratulations to the artist, George Wassouf, through his account on “Twitter”, as he described him as a friend of a lifetime, and wished him continued success in everything that was to come. My loving heart for you with creativity, brilliance, health and wellness, and may God protect you and your loved ones from all harm.

Pictures taken from George Wassouf’s account on “Instagram” and “Twitter”, and the attached video.


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