Gold prices today, Monday, January 24, 2022.. 24 karat records 804 pounds per gram


witnessed gold prices Remarkable stability at the beginning of the week’s trading, and gold in Egypt recorded 804 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt and is the main caliber in the markets, with an increase of two pounds.

Gold prices today:

Caliber 18: 689 pounds.

Caliber 21: 804 pounds.

Caliber 24: 919 pounds.

An ounce is $1,840.

The Stamping and Scales Department seeks to control the process of stamping gold jewelry, by applying laser stamping starting in 2023, according to the statements of the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, and the aim of this step is to find something like a record for each piece of gold that is being stamped within a year from now.

Implementation of a new and developed system for gold stamping, based on laser coding (QR code for each piece) instead of the current pen stamp. The system (QR code for each piece) is an endorsement of a birth certificate for each gold piece, and its own fingerprint that cannot be repeated.

Hani Gaid, head of the Gold Division, said that laser tears will be followed by knowing the details of the production of each gold coin circulating in the market, making a record for it, and knowing the shop that sold it, in addition to the buyer. Gold bullets circulating in the goldsmiths market, which is similar to a national number for each piece.

He pointed out that using lasers to stamp gold means relying on the latest accurate technology, and laser stamping is a birth certificate for each gold piece, which includes a number of data related to the gold piece, including the date of manufacture, and its exact caliber, noting that it is a step that prevents the resale of gold. Stolen, especially with a laser imprinted on it, so there will be a trace to know the name of the seller as well as the buyer.


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