Google plans to launch an augmented reality headset in 2024


probably gave up Google about headphones Daydream VR years ago, but that doesn’t mean she gave up headphones entirely, sources claim Verge that Google It is developing an augmented reality headset, dubbed Project Iris Which you want to launch in 2024, and the wearable device will use a processor Google Ad hoc external tracking cameras and playback Android , although a custom operating system is the potential for given job listings, and may also rely on cloud-based rendering to overcome headphone processing power limitations.

Understandably, Clay Bavour is the director of the telepresence kiosk Project Starline 3D (which is also said to be delivered in 2024), and oversees the top-secret project. WITH Innovative included Google Assistant Scott Hoffman and Director ARCore Shahram Izadi and Mark Lukowski, the former leader of the development of the internal operating system of the company Meta, It is also believed that the section Pixel Involved in some hardware business.

We have asked Google Commentary Although CEO Sundar Pichai hinted in October that WITH It was a “key area of ​​investment” for the company, and the headset is presumably in a very early stage of development without a clear market strategy, indicating that the 2024 target is not consistent.

وتخاطر Google By giving up the field to competitors if they do not provide devices WITH Or the matching platform, even if the final technology is still a long way off.


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