Google’s digital well-being tool will soon arrive on Android devices.. Know the details


A digital wellbeing tool will soon arrive on Android devices to help users keep track of screen time and the amount of time they spend on Google apps, while the exact release date is currently unknown and it is expected that this tool will eventually be released for all Android devices.

Notably, this is a feature already available to iPhone users since iOS 12, so Google is way behind in comparison, according to a digitaltrend report.

According to 9to5Google, Digital Wellbeing will soon have this tool and a decompilation of the APK file that Google uploaded to the Play Store showed that version 1.0.416751293.beta supports the Digital Wellbeing tool.

Google’s more recent widget additions were appreciated for their usefulness, and the Google Photos widget enabled users to decorate their home screens with closer images of their companions and favorite shots, meanwhile YouTube Music also introduced a “recently launched” widget for Android 12 users which was available in three Options for size depending on the layout of the home screen, and the widget provides quick access to played videos, playlists, albums, and more.

The screen time check feature is especially useful for those who struggle with bedtime procrastination and internet addiction, and apps like Instagram have a feature to check the average time the app has spent in the past week, with an option to set daily reminders that appear once users reach the limit. Their exact timeline, so the fact that Google didn’t have one yet was a pretty big omission.


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