Hani Shaker: “Banana”, “Anba” and “Tekha” sound good, and these are the conditions of the union


Hani Shaker:


Hani Shaker

The head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt, Hany Shaker, said that the committee to listen to the voices of the union tested a number of popular singers.

Hani Shaker confirmed that they succeeded because they had good votes and were therefore accepted, on top of them being “a banana, a grape and a stew.”

He added, during a telephone interview to the “Akher An-Nahar” program, that the union had approved some conditions, the most important of which was changing strange names and providing recognized and meaningful names.

The head of the Musicians’ Syndicate stated that he hopes the media will continue to support the decisions he imposes, which aim to raise public taste.

Artist Hani Shak stressed that the syndicate does not seek to prevent art, but is working to organize artistic work so that it befits Egypt.

Source: the Egyptian “Sada Al-Balad” website

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