“He blew his head and threw his body in the drain” .. Why did a driver get rid of his son in the


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Sunday 02 January 2022

Books – Sameh Ghaith and Tariq Samir:

“Hamdi” was fed up with the behavior of his son, who became addicted to drugs and turned into a person who always created problems, especially with his family, who were trying to treat him and prevent him from using, so the father decided to put an end to these problems, and stabbed him with a knife and smashed his head to the ground until he died, and got rid of his body with the help His second son in the village rush.

The victim, “Abdul Hamid”, (20 years old, unemployed), resides with his family (parents, and his brother) in a house in one of the villages of the Khanka Center, Qalyubia Governorate. ), although more than a month has passed since the crime, the people of the area are still shocked by what their neighbor did and his son killed.

23 years ago, the first accused, “Hamdi”, married Amal H. who is younger than him by about 9 years, and they lived together in a modest house in Al-Minya area of ​​the village of Al-Qalaj, and they had two children (the victim and the second accused). .

years passed; The father grew up and became unable to work, so he bought a tuktuk to work on him and his two sons. Little by little, his youngest son, the “victim,” got to know the bad companions of the youth of the village and the neighboring villages, got addicted to drugs, and refused to go out to work.

The family tried a lot to dissuade the victim from using drugs and persuade him to undergo a course of treatment to stop the addiction, go out to work regularly, to no avail, and they used to create problems with their neighbors in the area, and beat and insult his mother in front of the neighbours, a neighbor tells Masrawy.

mid-November; The victim asked his mother for money to buy narcotics, but his request was rejected and he was advised to quit addiction and undergo a course of treatment.

The son was angry at his mother’s refusal and started assaulting her with insults and beatings. As soon as his father returned from work, the wife began recounting what happened to him. The father rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and then stabbed his son, then grabbed his head and slammed her hard on the ground until he breathed his last and became a lifeless body.

In an attempt to hide his crime, the father disposed of the victim’s body with the help of his second son. They carried the body and disposed of it in a filter in the Khanka Center district in Qalyubia, then returned to their home as if nothing had happened.

the next morning; A number of residents of the area found the body of the young man. They informed the Khanka Police Station in the Qalyubia Security Directorate that they found the body of a young man lying on the road with several separate stab wounds.

Immediately, the security services moved to the location of the report, and by conducting preliminary investigations, it was found that the young man is a drug user and that he resides in the Khanka area. His identity was established and his family’s location was determined.

The efforts of the research team formed by the Public Security Sector, with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department in Qalyubia, concluded that the father and the brother were behind the perpetration of the incident, and by confronting them, they admitted that and justified their position that the young man was addicted to narcotics and that he was making problems and assaulting his mother and father in order to give him money to buy drugs, so he killed him The father with a white weapon and a knife, and his brother put the body of the young man inside a tuk-tuk and threw him at the location of the report, and the Public Prosecution office, which took over the investigations, was notified.

The prosecution ordered the forensic pathologist to be assigned for an autopsy; To find out the cause of death.

The forensic report revealed that the death was as a result of bleeding in the head and brain as a result of hitting a hard object.

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