(He was merging with scandalous scenes as if they were real and not acting) .. The most famous Egyptian dancer reveals shocking scenes from the life of the artist Ahmed Zaki and admits that she was admitted to the hospital because of his hot kiss.


The dancer, Dina, revealed that she has retired from participating in any hot scenes that include kisses, because those kisses are real and not acting.

The dancer, “Dina”, admitted on the “Al-Hakam” program, that Ahmed Zaki’s kiss in the movie “Stacusa” was so violent that because of it she bled from her lower lip.

As is the case in most cinema productions, especially modern ones, many of Ahmed Zaki’s films were not without hot scenes containing kisses and hugs, and many artists who participated in Ahmed Zaki’s works complained of his integration during the performance of those scenes.

Ahmed Zaki is an Egyptian actor, born on November 18, 1946 and died on March 27, 2005, leaving hundreds of cinema, theater and television works.

Ahmed Zaki presented 56 films, and in appreciation of these works, specifically in 1996 during the celebration of the centenary of world cinema, the filmmakers chose six films that he starred in or in which he participated in the list of the best hundred films in the history of Egyptian cinema, and the late received several awards and honors, including the Cairo Festival. Film Festival in 1990 and Alexandria Festival in 1989.

Ahmed Zaki died after a long struggle with lung cancer, and he was still filming the movie “Halim”, which was his last movie, and the movie was shown after his death in 2006.


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