Health: The Omicron mutant has a high ability to spread in Egypt and the world


He said Dr. Hossam Abdel GhaffarA spokesman for the Ministry of Health, that Egypt and the world are witnessing a rise in infection rates with the Corona virus, noting that the epidemiological situation shows that there are increases in infection rates, saying: “We were waiting for the end of the fourth wave and the beginning of a decrease in numbers, which did not happen as a result of mutants.” The vaccinators, especially those who received the full doses of vaccination, as well as those who received the booster dose if they were infected, the symptoms are mild and does not require hospitalization and does not even need to take continuous treatment, and recovers within 3 or 4 days.

And “Abdul Ghaffar” added, in a telephone interview to the “Amr Public” program with the media, Amr Abdel Hamid, that as a result of the mutants, especially the Omicron mutant, which has a high ability to spread, there has become a rapid rate of infection in the world and Egypt.

Abdul Ghaffar stressed that the good thing is that we noticed a break in the previous relationship that existed in the first, second and third waves between the increase in the infection rate and the increase in the rate of hospital admissions, and between the increase in the infection rate and the increase in death rates, explaining: “Praise be to God, since the fourth wave, the relationship is no longer There is a direct correlation between the increase in the rates of injuries and the increase in hospital admission rates,” adding: “We are talking about the average occupancy rates in isolation hospitals at the level of the Republic, which are the hospitals of the Ministry of Health or university hospitals in internal departments, not more than 9%, and in intensive care no more than 41%, and in The need for respirators does not exceed 23%, which is a good indicator.

Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that it is noticeable that the severity of infection with the Omicron mutant is less than that of the Delta mutant, and that the Omicron mutant affects the upper respiratory tract, meaning the nose and throat, and does not affect the same severity on the lung and the lower respiratory system, saying: “We no longer witness shortness of breath or injuries. that lead to fibrosis or lung damage.

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