Hit beans as much as you can, and it will protect you from diabetes


Those who suffer from diabetes eat beans as much as you can, they will protect you from the complications of diabetes.

British doctors say eating beans is good for reducing sugar levels, including for diabetics.
According to the Daily Express, experts studied the reactions of adults with type 2 diabetes to eating rice, as well as eating it with beans. Rice is a high glycemic index food and can raise blood sugar levels quickly due to its high carbohydrate content. After the meals, blood samples were taken from the volunteers for analysis — at different times.
The test showed that adding beans to the diet of diabetic patients contributed to a significant reduction in sugar levels. According to scientists, among the products that slow down the absorption of glucose into the blood and thus prevent sharp fluctuations in sugar levels, beans have the most pronounced effect. This effect is provided by the content of protein and soluble fiber.

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