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12:32 PM | Saturday 15 January 2022

A new clash between Musimani and Al-Ahly because of Akram Tawfiq

Akram Tawfik, Al-Ahly player

The last few hours witnessed the South African coach Pitso Musimani, the coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, in a new clash with the Football Planning Committee in the Red Castle, especially after Akram Tawfiq was injured, after Musimani asked to sign a replacement for Akram Tawfiq at the right-back position.

A source inside the club revealed Al Ahly, reported that the Al-Ahly Football Planning Committee headed by Mohsen Saleh rejected Petso Mosimane’s request to sign a new right-back during the current winter Mercato, due to the presence of more than one player in that position, most notably Mohamed Hani and Karim Fouad.

The Ball Planning Committee rejected the idea of ​​including new deals in the current period, as it was Musimani He requested the inclusion of a player in the “Al-Masak” center in the current Mercato.

Akram Tawfik, Al-Ahly player

The bank refuses to give up Yassin and Future refuses to give up Abdel Moneim

Al-Ahly club had entered into oral negotiations with Al-Ahly Bank Club in order to obtain the services of Ahmed Yassin, the team’s defender, before Al-Ahly’s offer was rejected due to the adherence of the technical staff of Al-Ahly Club, led by Khaled Jalal, to the services of the international defender.

In the same context, the management of the Future Club continued to hold Mohamed Abdel Moneim, in the ranks of the newly promoted club to the league, after Al-Ahly club requested to cut the loan of the player.

The management of Future Club refused to dispense with Abdel Moneim at the present time, especially since Mohamed Abdel Moneim’s contract in Future stated that the player was loaned for a season without a clause stating that Al-Ahly had the right to cut the loan.

Al-Ahly and Ismaili

Al-Ahly prepares to face Ismaili

In another context, Al-Ahly club is preparing to face Ismaili, at 2:30 pm, next Monday, at the Army Stadium in Borg El Arab in Alexandria, as part of the matches of the second round of the group stage of the League Cup.


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