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11:55 PM | Tuesday 25 January 2022

Mido: Europeans laugh at Africans... and what is happening in African nations is a


The journalist, Ahmed Hossam Mido, confirmed that what is happening in the Cup African nations 2021, which was held in Cameroon, is a scandal by all standards, from poor organization, as well as “many arbitration scandals in many matches”, stressing that all Europeans watch the Nations Cup and make fun of that tournament.

وقال «midoDuring the “Remontada” program, on Al-Mehwar channel: “Patrice Motsepe, president of (CAF), made a clear and explicit accusation to the Cameroonian government and the organizing committee of the Nations Cup, and initially blamed them for the events of the Cameroon-Comoros match, and then tried to correct his statements by speaking. That responsibility is shared, and everyone is responsible for what happened.”

Mido: Poor organization caused the death of football fans

The former player of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team added: “The poor organization caused the death of football fans, but the natural and conscience makes you not complete the match. How can the Cameroonian people rejoice in qualifying for the quarter-finals and there are victims from the people and among the Cameroonian people?”

Ahmed Hossam Mido continued: “I saw some people celebrating Cameroon’s qualification to the quarter-finals and I was upset. There are casualties and injuries, and people are celebrating. Is this football?”

Mido: There is poor organization at all levels in the nations of Africa

Mido stressed: “There is poor organization at all levels in the 2021 Nations Cup. We were proud that Cameroon was able to make the tournament a success and host it, and stood (sufficient) in front of the desire of the International Federation and the European Union to postpone or cancel the tournament, but despite Eto’o’s statements that Cameroon “100% ready to organize the Nations Cup, with all due respect, Cameroon is not ready, and the CAF itself is not ready to organize the CAF, and arbitration in the Nations Cup is a disgrace to Africa and a scandal by all standards.”

And the former Zamalek player stressed: “I have two issues that I will continue to talk about, the corruption of the African Union, as well as the need for the development of Egyptian football, and I will expose officials and any official in (C) who contributes to this corruption, I will expose it for the last day of my life, I will do so.”

Ahmed Hossam Mido concluded his statements by saying: “The strange events that occur in the Nations Cup made us laugh, and where is the reaction of the Cameroonian government, which issued a statement appealing to the people for discipline, the government did not apologize, but attacked the people and accused the people of chaos, and said that there is care for the victims, Don’t give up.


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