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12:03 AM | Saturday January 22 2022

Urgent.. Mortada Mansour decides to stop Ahmed Suleiman's list and transfer it to investigation

Ahmed Suleiman’s list

The club’s board of directors decided Zamalek Headed by Mortada Mansour, Ahmed Suleiman and his entire list and those who were with him yesterday inside the Zamalek club were suspended from the General Assembly in a sudden and shocking decision for the fans of the White Castle, especially since the elections are in a few days and are scheduled to start on the 11th of next month.

Magdi Al-Suwaifi, candidate for membership in Ahmed Suleiman’s list, said in exclusive statements to Al-Watan Sport that Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, decided a short time ago to stop Ahmed Suleiman and members of his electoral list and prevent them from entering the club and transfer them to investigation because the list is inside the White Castle headquarters to present themselves to the members of the General Assembly, especially that the Zamalek elections It will be held on February 11, according to the indicative list.

Where the list includes many strong and prominent names, and they are “Ahmed Suleiman Ali, the chairperson, Hisham Nasr, the vice chairperson, Hani Shukri, the treasurer’s seat, and the over-aged membership, Mustafa Abdel-Khaleq, Abdullah George, Mustafa Badawi, Al-Hussaini Samir, Mustafa Seif Al-Amari, and the under-age membership. The duo, Mohamed Tarek and Sameh Al-Khawanki.

The president of Zamalek Club also decided to suspend 45 members of the General Assembly for appearing with Ahmed Suleiman and his list members, and besides referring them to the investigation. Zamalek in the coming period until the date of the elections, which are scheduled to be held on February 11 next.

The electoral headquarters of Ahmed Suleiman’s list will see that all media outlets are allowed to attend and hold press interviews with members of the list. It will also witness the establishment of press conferences through it.


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