Hot confrontations during the 16th round of the African Nations Cup (Infographic)


The matches of the third and final round of the group stage matches of the African Cup of Nations, in which 24 teams are participating, were concluded on Thursday evening until the sixth of next February..

The matches of the round of 16 of the African Nations Cup will start from next Sunday, January 23 and will continue until Wednesday, the 26th of the same month. The dates of the round of sixteen matches in the African Nations Cup are as follows:..

×× Burkina Faso vs Gabon: Sunday 23 January (6 pm).

× × Nigeria vs Tunisia: Sunday 23 January (9 pm).

× × Guinea vs Gambia: Monday 24 January (6 pm).

× × Cameroon vs Comoros: Monday 24 January (9 pm).

×× Senegal vs. Cape Verde: Tuesday 25 January (9pm).

× × Morocco vs Malawi: Tuesday 25 January (6 pm).

×× Cote d’Ivoire vs Egypt: Wednesday, January 26 (six in the evening).

× × Mali vs Equatorial Guinea: Wednesday, January 26 (9 pm).

It is scheduled to face Egypt in the quarter-finals, the winner of the confrontation of Morocco and Mali.

Cameroon and Burkina Faso qualified for the first group, after the lions team topped the group with 7 points, then the horse team came as runners-up with 4 points, and the Cape Verde team was the best third with 4 points..

In the second group, Senegal qualified in the lead with 5 points, then Guinea, runner-up with 4 points, and Malawi, the best third with 4 points..

The third group qualified Morocco as the leader with 7 points, then Gabon in the summer with 5 points, and the Comoros team as the third best with 3 points.

Nigeria qualified for Group D after achieving the full mark with 9 points, then Egypt, the runner-up with 6 points.

In Group E, Cote d’Ivoire qualified in the lead with 7 points, then Equatorial Guinea in the summer with 6 points..

In Group F, Mali, Tunisia and Gambia qualified before the teams played the third and final round matches in the group stage.

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