Housing official for Representatives: Withdrawing the lands of non-serious investors by crossing and re-offering them


Representative Muhammad Rajab Abdel Azim reviewed the request for briefing submitted regarding the housing association not enabling workers in Beni Suef governorate to receive the purchased and fixed plot of land, with an allowance contract with the New Urban Communities Authority, despite the issuance of the exchange contract between the two parties, during the meeting of the Housing Committee of the Council Representatives today headed by Representative Imad Saad Hammouda.

Abdel-Azim said: “A contract of agreement was issued to connect the facilities in the nineties, and so far, the land has not been received or the facilities have been connected.”

For his part, Walid Abbas, the assistant minister of housing and supervisor of the planning sector, commented, “The words have been correct for nearly 30 years, and there are directives from the minister to resolve the issue.”

The committee also discussed the request for a briefing submitted by Representative Muhammad Al-Toukhi, regarding the inability of Obour City investors to carry out any expansions of their existing investments due to the lack of industrial land for them in Obour City in the future plans of the New Urban Communities Authority.

Walid Abbas, the assistant minister of housing and supervisor of the planning sector, said that there is a great demand for industrial areas in the city of Obour, and there is an industrial zone in the new transit, and with regard to the city of Obour, the allocated land is now reviewed, and if it is proven that it has not been exploited according to what is stipulated, it will be withdrawn and re-offered to investors. serious again.

The Assistant Minister of Housing and supervisor of the planning sector continued: “There are a number of priorities regarding the granting of lands. The priority is to grant lands to factories adjacent to the lands if they wish to do so in order to make expansions, in addition to the industries required by the state, and finally those who generate hard currency for the state in order to achieve the benefit the public.

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