How do you sell your old gold after recognizing the traditional stamp a year from now?


Consumers interpreted the statements of the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, regarding the abolition of recognition of traditional stamps on gold jewelry within a year from now, as belonging to the old crafts owned by citizens, and this is a wrong interpretation, as the government’s approach, represented by the interest of stamping and scales, obliges traders to stamp with laser instead of stamping The traditional “pen” applies only to new goldsmiths.

So, how are things going in the gold market now? During the current period until the end of 2022, the traditional stamp will be recognized, because the Ministry of Supply has set a full year to complete the process of moving from traditional gold stamping to laser stamping, and laser stamping is meant to be the process of placing a small stamp on gold that determines the type of gold stamping. The caliber, so that the consumer can know the types of gold when reselling or even buying.

And during 2022, things are going on in the goldsmiths market as is customary, meaning that gold is bought and sold in the traditionally stamped markets, so companies and factories in the gold sector continue to produce works and send them to the interest of stamps and scales, which in turn perform the stamping process in the same way as usual, until laser stamping is circulated during a year from now.

The fate of the old gold in the possession of citizens, the consumer has the right to resell it again at any time and in any market and in all governorates of the Republic, and the decision to abolish traditional stamps does not apply to him, meaning that the Egyptian citizen who owns a gold craft has the right to resell it again, without consideration or adherence The type of stamp, is it a traditional tear or laser stamping.

So, how do I resell the old gold? Simply, you can go to one of the merchants you deal with, provided that you have the purchase invoice, and here you can resell with ease, even after applying the laser stamp you can sell the old gold and it will not be linked to the developments of the new gold stamping. laser.

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