How to go to the Cairo International Book Fair.. Learn about 11 itineraries


The Cairo International Book Fair will start from January 26 and will continue until February 7. With regard to facilitating transportation for the public from visitors to the exhibition, the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications represented by the Public Transport Authority, has allocated 11 bus lines to and from the headquarters The exhibition, which starts from different areas of Cairo, and 115 cars operate on it, with an average turnaround time of 20 minutes, in order to facilitate visitors, and it is as follows:

• Line No. (1) Abdel Moneim Riad (10) cars

Abdel Moneim Riad – Ramses – Abbasiya – Al-Azhar University – Axis of the Field Marshal – Book Fair.

• Line No. (2) Shubra Roundabout (10) cars

Shubra Circle – Shubra St. – Ahmed Helmy – Ramses St. – Abbasiya – Sekka Club – Al-Azhar University – Al-Moshir Axis – Book Fair.

• Line No. (3) New Nozha (8) cars

New Nozha – Hijaz Square – Seven Buildings – Makram Ebeid – Mustafa Al-Nahhas – Al-Manhal – Al-Wafa and Al-Amal – Book Fair.

• Line No. (4) Amiri (7) cars

Al Amiriya – El Matareya Square – El Helmeya – Ain El Shams Girls College – Martyr Hisham Barakat Square – Seventh District – El Sefarat District – Book Fair.

• Line No. (5) Giza Square (10) cars

Giza Square – Cairo University – Kasr Al-Aini – Sayeda Aisha – Highway – Al-Azhar University – Book Fair.

• Line No. (6) Saqr Quraish (5) cars

Saqr Quraish – Carrefour Maadi – Wadi Degla Club – Ring Road – Al-Moshir Axis – Book Fair.

• Line No. (7) awnings (8) cars

Umbrellas – Saray El Kobba – Roxy – Seven Buildings – Eighth District – Al Wafaa Wal Amal – Axis of the Field Marshal – Book Fair.

• The route of the Abbasiya-Book Fair line has also been extended to start from Duran Shubra Station instead of Abbasiya.

• The “Umbrellas – Saray Al-Kobba – Book Fair” line, which was operated by the “Transport Egypt” company, was assigned to the Public Transport Authority.

In addition to the previous lines; There are lines crossing the axis of the Field Marshal that pass through the book fair, and they are:

Ahmed Helmy- Book Fair- Third Settlement/ Abdel Moneim Riyad- Book Fair- American University/ East Shubra El Kheima- Book Fair- Third Settlement/ Boulaq El Dakrour- Book Fair- Third Settlement.

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