How to restore liver health after excessive food and drink?


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How to restore liver health after excessive food and drink? Peerawat Kamklay

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Dr. Ruslan Isaev, a Russian drug scientist, declared that excessive consumption of food and alcohol has negative health effects. So how do we help the liver and other organs of the body recover.

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Signs to watch out for are fatty liver disease

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the doctor notes that after excessive eating and alcoholic beverages, the liver needs a period of time to restore its health condition. Because alcoholic beverages are toxic to the human body, so when a person overindulges in them, the next day he feels its negative consequences. He needs medical help.

He adds, the person should not overeat, temporarily refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages, and adhere to a special diet.

He says, “After a fat meal, one should refrain from drinking alcohol, and drink drinks containing vitamin C, such as fresh fruit juices, and he should eat cottage cheese because it contains the amino acid methionine because it has a positive effect on the liver.”

He adds, a person can determine for himself an appropriate diet. There are other useful options, such as roaming in the fresh air as long as possible because it helps to improve the metabolism.

Source: RIA Novosti


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