I killed the mother of my children… the cry of regret and sadness that Fouad Al Mohandes released after seeing Shwikar with his own eyes when she cheated on him with his student and went crazy!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The relationship of Fouad Al-Mohandes and Shwikar was one of the most famous bilateral relations in the artistic community, which many of us tended to and loved to listen to its details.

Many of us preferred to stay away from looking at the first party in the life of the engineer, who is the mother of his children, so how did you receive this news? How did she feel? Why all this support for Fouad Al-Mohandes’ relationship with Shwikar, while neglecting the first lady’s love for him.

In a rare television interview, Fouad Al-Mohandes narrated how he told his first wife about his marriage to Shwikar, acknowledging that he caused her great grief.

Fouad Al Mohandes talks about the mother of his children
“Afish” reviews the most prominent statements of Fouad Al-Muhandis in a rare interview with the media, Safa Abu Al-Saud.

The engineer narrated about the moment when he told the mother of his children that he had married his girlfriend Shwikar, and he said: She was in Alexandria and I was going to answer her.

He added: I told her on the way that I wanted to tell you about something, and I was at that time, I was married to Shwikar, so I told her that I got married.

He continued: I preferred to keep quiet, and was shocked, she was crying, but crying for his face, I was feeling it.

And the comedy engineer continued: It is said that I caused her illness and fatigue after that, because she was very tired after she got married.

He pointed out that he was providing her with complete care and remained by her side throughout her illness until she passed away.

The late Fouad Al-Muhandis entered a state of tears, and his features appeared sad, mixed with guilt for causing his wife’s departure.

Fouad’s uncle said flirting with his wife: She was a girl of origins, very kind and kind, and she died, and then Shwikar and I separated in the end.

Shwikar’s betrayal of Fouad Al-Mohandes
On one of the evenings, Shwikar was next to her husband, “the engineer”, and everything was going well, and “Fouad” noticed looks between his wife and the young actor “at the time” Mohamed Khairy, but things went normally.

“The Engineer” and Shwikar were scheduled to be present in a new movie that brings them together, “The Bride of the Wazir’s Girl,” but he was surprised that he was cast on the ground to be the third role in the film, and that Muhammad Khairy is the one who will share Shwikar’s championship.

Fouad Al-Muhandis went crazy, but he was holding his nerve as much as possible, according to what was published by the “Lebanese Network” magazine.

On one of the nights, the couple was together for a new evening where “Khairy” was present, and the “Engineer” again noticed an exchange of looks between them and here he took Shwikar home and a big battle ensued between them called betrayal and jealousy.

And the separation took place between them after that, and Fouad Al-Muhandis remained alone, feeling orphaned without her.

The son, Muhammad Fouad Al-Muhandis, tells in an interview with him on the “Hana Al-Asema” program: “Suddenly… I found my father telling me to divorce Shwikar.. Why? Khalas said, love like this came to the end.


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