I know the fact that a citizen assaulted a woman in Dakahlia


The security services revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on the social networking site “Facebook”, which includes the distress of a woman from one of her neighbors for assaulting her with insults, insults and beatings in Dakahlia, as part of the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior to uncover the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on the social networking site “Facebook” that includes a distress call. One of the women from one of her neighbors for assaulting her with insults, insults and beatings in Dakahlia.

On examination, it was found that a report was received from a second police station, Mansoura, in the Dakahlia Security Directorate, from (a housewife – residing in the department’s department) that (one of the persons “who rented an apartment with her father” – residing at the same address) assaulted her with insults, cursing, beating with a wooden stick and causing her injury, following disputes Between them and pending cases before the judiciary, regarding his expulsion from the apartment referred to.

After legalizing the procedures, the aforementioned was arrested.. When confronted with him, he denied what was attributed to him and the reasons for accusing him due to the differences and cases before the courts, so legal measures were taken and he was presented to the investigation authorities, which decided to release him.

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