“I want the girl Maryam” .. Why did “Mahmoud” kill his friend “Abu Hadideh” and cut him off?


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Friday January 21 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

A contractor whose business has been wracked by a financial crisis 4 years ago, forcing him to live in a low social standard. Rent an apartment in Haram City, 6th of October City. He did not know “Muhammad.A.” For a moment, the walls of his new residence will be a witness to a crime that may end up on him at the Ashmawy Tabliya.

A month and a half ago, the forty contractor hosted his friend “Abu Hadidah” ​​after leaving the marriage nest. The two friends used to bring prostitutes to the apartment and hold parties that were not free of sex and drug use, especially “ice-astrox”.

The situation continued for a month and a half until they had a disagreement at one time over a night girl, after which the contractor expelled him, “Go, uncle, you will answer me scandals.”

Only minutes passed since the friend in his thirties returned to the apartment until his instincts caught up with him, so the contractor demanded, “I want the girl, Maryam, to come,” but his request was rejected, “There is no woman who will come here again.”

Mahmoud’s words heralded the start of a dispute that would not bear fruit. The two exchanged words, so that the 47-year-old asked his friend to leave the apartment immediately, to which the latter replied, “I will sit against you because I am paying the rent with you.”

“Abu Hodeidah” ​​tried to attack “Mahmoud” with a knife, but the latter grabbed it from him and started stabbing his chest. The victim tried to respond and ran towards him, but the accused hit him with a machete at the kitchen door, killing him on the spot.

Last Saturday, the atmosphere seemed calm inside the corridors of the First October Division in Giza Governorate. But it was a calm that preceded a storm that carried with it human remains, which was the beginning of solving the mystery of the crime of the forty and the bodyguard.

Inside his office on the upper floor, Brigadier General Amr Al-Borai, head of the October sector, received a signal from the Police Emergency Department to find two plastic bags at a garbage collection point containing human parts (arm – palm).

Lieutenant-Colonel Islam Al-Mahdawi, head of the Investigation Department of the First of October, moved to the location of the communication to examine the body parts. With a police sense and long experience in criminal work, the officer’s eyes fell on a tattoo on the arms bearing the name “Abu Hadida” in English, below which is a picture of a lion.

“The case is resolved, God willing, my regret,” this is how the chief of investigations assured his director of criminal investigation, based on his holding on to the tip of a string that would spare him the trouble of searching for an unidentified body.

On the following day, January 16, human parts (legs) were found inside a plastic bag on a piece of vacant land in the department’s circle.

Detective officers set out to collect investigations about a person with the same name, “Abu Hudaydah”. Turns out he’s a 31-year-old bodyguard who used to work in nightclubs.

The efforts of the two pioneers, Ahmed Ragheb and Ibrahim Hassan, the assistants of the investigations of the first of October, concluded that the dead man left his home a month and a half ago, as a result of a dispute with his wife, to live with his friend “Mahmoud.A.” 47 years old, in a rented apartment in Haram City.

The accusing finger went to the friend, and the policemen intensified their investigations, with a review of the call log, which confirmed the suspicion. He was arrested in the third department of October to admit his heinous crime.

In front of Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Deputy Director of the Giza Investigations, he decided that he and the victim were drug users, and about a week ago, if they were in the apartment alone, a dispute arose between them and a quarrel developed, during which the accused attacked the victim with a knife, causing him to be stabbed several times in the chest and he died.

He added that he put the body of the victim in the bathroom and left it for two days, rented an iron missile and cut the body into pieces and dumped it in separate places in the department.

The accused confiscated (his mobile phone, handbag with his personal belongings in it, as well as instructed about (the tool used, the victim’s belongings, a damaged travel bag), and directed a part of the rest of the body in one of the abandoned apartments in the department’s department.

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