“If people don’t want me to walk”… 20 messages from Sisi at the end of a forum


07:22 PM

Thursday January 13 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent a number of important messages during his meeting with foreign correspondents, on the sidelines of the activities of the fourth day of the World Youth Forum, in its fourth edition in Sharm El-Sheikh.

“Masrawy” monitors Sisi’s messages as follows:

1- “The people trusted us and gave us the opportunity to transform for the better without pressure.”

2- “Increasing the agricultural area by 3 million feddans soon.”

3- “I feel very optimistic about the climate file.”

4- “We are moving positively to provide job opportunities for young people.”

5- “Egypt is committed to the legal agreement regarding the demarcation of the borders in the eastern Mediterranean.”

6- “The Egyptian citizen does not leave because I can’t find it.”

7- “No one will love the people of Egypt more than us… We do not want to sit and talk and leave our country in waste.”

7- “Egypt is ready to discuss all statements or the so-called lists of enforced disappearances issued by civil society organizations.”

8- “Egypt needs a trillion dollars as the size of the country’s public spending.”

9- “Some resented the lack of media coverage of the state’s achievements.”

10- “We will prefer to work when we make it a serious country, and it will not remain a serious country except between all of us with our confidence in ourselves and our confidence in our Lord.”

11- “The tools for building the mind do not change. The first is the house, the second is the school or the institute, and the third is the mosque or the church.”

12- “Man is the only creature that destroys and builds, and this is the need of our Lord, for which man is loved and honored above all other creatures.”

13- “Egypt faces great challenges as a result of the population increase that it witnesses every year.”

14- “We need to create one million jobs every year.”

15- “I believe in freedom of expression and opinion.”

16- “If people don’t want me to walk, and I’m ready to hold elections every year.”

17 – “There is no agreement between man and his Lord because of sustenance.”

18- “We have a chance for ourselves… and no one imagines that he possesses the absolute truth.”

19- “10 years is a short period of time to judge the experience of change, and this does not mean a dedication to corruption, dictatorship and transgression.”

20- “We are ready to cooperate with Ethiopia regarding the waters of the Nile River for the prosperity of all of us.”

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