Illicit Gain investigates the bribery of the President of Damanhour University and forms committees to limit his wealth


The Illicit Gain Authority at the Ministry of Justice has begun its investigations into the recent seizure records carried out by the Administrative Control Authority, including the case of the arrest of President of Damanhour University And others for receiving a bribe of 4 million pounds, in order to investigate them in the financial aspect and the inflation of wealth.

The Illicit Gain Authority is relied upon to investigate cases of bribery, corruption and abuse of influence in accordance with the text of Article 10 of the Executive Regulations of Law No. 62 of 1975 on Illicit Gain, which states that “the Illicit Gain Department shall request files of declarations for those subject to the provisions of the law and their data and clarifications.” From the concerned authorities and presenting it to the examination and investigation bodies“.

The article completes the text that “the agencies shall assist these bodies in carrying out their tasks, and for this purpose, they may entrust the administrative control or other concerned parties to examine data on cases of illegal gain or complaints related to them.”.

It is scheduled to form committees of experts from the Ministry of Justice to examine the financial disclosure statement of the President of Damanhour University, compare it with the elements of his current wealth, and indicate the increase in it in a way that is not commensurate with its legitimate sources of income. According to what is established in the financial disclosure and its comparison with the elements of wealth on the ground.

The Administrative Control Authority was able to arrest the president of Damanhour University and others who received sums of money as a bribe amounting to 4 million pounds in exchange for facilitating and receiving supplies for the university.

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